Identifying safety and supply issues, and recommending efficiencies

With the whole world undergoing the change to renewable and green energy, more and more attention is being focused on reliability and power quality monitoring. Electricity providers and users alike are concerned about reliable power, interruptions and disturbances or extended outages.

Whether it’s to check to see if savings can be had, or ensuring the supply is sufficient to cover for extra capacity, data gathering and reporting is key.

Load monitoring may also be required for other reasons: to analyse load balance, load profile, harmonic problems, poor power factor or other operational issues relating to the electrical system.

If your building is more than 15 years old, it’s unlikely to have been designed to meet the demands of today’s high-power equipment. The electrical systems supporting your company’s key functions may be overloading the wiring and causing power quality problems and failures that can harm valuable data and equipment.

eco Electrical can measure load characteristics over a specified period of time, and deliver a detailed report and recommendations based on the data, ensuring your business gets the information it requires to make important decisions.


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